A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Koikoi-RPG- English or 日本語
<What is Koikoi?>
Koikoi is a classic style role-playing game for Windows and Macintosh. It will be released on steam.

<The story>

20XX, many humans on the earth dead by a strange virus. But somehow, they come back to life like a nothing bad ever happens, except their looks and an oddly power. The world is changed. When humans dead, it means new creatures are born. The new creatures call themselves “Newman”. 
Humans decrease from the earth by the virus and big wars.

Many years later…

There is a boy, named “Shin”. He is human but live a happy life in a forest, with his foster-father who is Newman. One day, his father hasn’t been home from his work. Shin decided to go on a long journey with you and your help, to find his precious person…

-You can check the story chapter1 and 2.
-Some designs and systems may different from the finished production.

! Important notice for Mac users!

After downloading finish, please move "Game" from the file once. Otherwise when you select "option"  in the game, error occurs.
If you can't open the game with "it is from an unidentified developer.", please try to right-click or control-click the application in question and choose “Open”. Then click the “Open” button at the next dialog warning to launch the app anyway and enjoy my game!


KoiKoi-demo-en(Mac)1.3.zip 56 MB
KoiKoi-demo-en(Win)1.3.zip 55 MB
KoiKoi-demo-jp(Mac)1.3.zip 56 MB
KoiKoi-demo-jp(Win)1.3.zip 55 MB

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